Cord's R/C Model Electronics Homepage - electronic projects for the R/C hobbiest based on programmable integrated circuits (PIC's). Plans for a joystick transmitter interface, speed control, and digital tachometer are available.

Electronic Gadgets for R/C - a Canadian site with a great collection of R/C electronics plans including crashed plane locators, navigational lighting systems, mixer circuits, and much more.

Eric Behr's Embryonic RC Page - a collection of electronic speed controls and other useful information on PIC based circuits.

FTP archive - a collection of electronics plans at an ftp site in Europe which include speed controls, mixers, electronic switches, and other useful projects.

John Nooyen's Aeromodelling Homepage - an R/C modeling site in Australia with electronic projects for a 9 channel decoder for a 2 channel receiver, a battery discharge circuit, a battery back-up system, and others.

Ken's RC homepage - an excellent site with electronic kits based on programmable integrated circuits (PIC's) that have been published in the UK magazine Radio Control Models and Electronics.

L'électronique au service de l'aéromodélisme - a French language site with downloadable plans for electronic designs supporting model aviation, including a battery backup circuit, glow plug tester, and battery charger.

Model Flight - plans for an old-timer electronic ignition system.

Paulo Zini's RC directory - a site in Pisa, Italy with electronic plans for an altimeter, battery tester, and battery discharge circuit, among others.

R/C Electric Powered Interactive - use your PC to cycle and peak charge your battery packs or to measure propellor thrust.

R/C Flight Unlimited - in the plans and drawings section you can find information on servo connectors and trainer cords for various manufacturers and a schematic for a current regulated glow plug driver.

R/C Plans Directory - a compilation of a variety of R/C related plans, electronic designs, and software. Projects include electronic switches, an FM receiver, and electronic speed controls.

Redwood Soaring Association - charge rate limiter for small NiCd packs, downed plane locator, low battery voltage alarm, or build your own memory module for a Futaba 8UAF/8UAP.

Staffan Kjerrström's Home Page - glitch and voltage monitors using sophisticated micro-controller based designs and ongoing development of a thermal soaring computer.

Stephan's Electric R/C Web Site - speed controllers, relay based on/off motor controller, and a good description of how to make your own excellent printed circuit boards.

WEBDesigns Homepage - the home of RadCan, a microcontroller based R/C analyzer. Also several designs for R/C switches.

 Stefan's Electric R/C Website - Miniature Speed Controllers, and more!

Swedish FTP site with RC related electronics...

Speed controllers by Eric Behr...

Cord's RC Model Electronics Homepage...

Red's RC Battery Clinic...

Italian FTP site with RC related electronics...

Gas Turbine Builders Assocation...

Page with PIC based RC camera switch

Page with several RC electronic ideas

Mike Norton Hobbies speed controller

PIC based speed controller, full details including code.

Brent's R/C Electronics page

Some ingenious non microcontroller based circuits including servo slow down and reverser.

Chuck Robotics PIC servo speed controller

PIC based speed controller, full details including code.

Cord's R/C Model Electronics

PIC based circuits including a tachometer and interface for flight simulators.

Eric Behr's Collection of Electronic Speed Controllers

The page title says it all.

John Nooyen's Circuits for Aeromodelling

An interesting collection of circuits, channel expanders, mixers etc.

The RC Electronics Projects of Ken Hewitt

A large collection of various circuits most of which have been published in RCME magazine.

Stefan's Electric RC Website

A good selection of circuits including a battery charger and speed controllers.

Taniwha Flight Computer

An interesting design with expansion capabilities.
Eric Behr's collection of electronic speed controllers at
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R/C Plans Directory at
Cord's R/C Model Electronics Homepage at
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Electronic Gadgets for RC at
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Bay City Fliers Electronic Projects with free Software at Http://
RC Models & Electronics design at
Engineering, Electronics and R C Electric Planes at
Electronic Schematics * Models and model remote control * at
Electronic Projects for R/C Planes at
Paolo Zini's RC directory at
Cyclops Remote Pilot Vehicle Homepage (how to build one) at
Electronic Designs at
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