Robot Building Resources

  • Wow, this stuff is amazing! Lego Mindstorms is a great way for the robotics hobbyist to get into this field without having an engineering degree.
  • Tomi Engdahl's electronics info page is the ULTIMATE online resource for absolutely anything related to electronics and robotics.  It is the only resource you need if your are an electronics hacker or robot builder.
  • HVW Technologies carries those "hard to get" robotic parts and kits that you just can't get anywhere else.  They recently started carrying an infra-red distance measuring module, a great alternative to SONAR!
  • The online Robot Magazine is The World's Only Magazine Dedicated To Real Robots.
  • has every book you need to get started on or improve your robots.
  • The Robotic Internet Resources Page contains links to almost every robotics related site on the net.
  • The BEAM Resource gets you started on making your own solar powered creatures. has great resources for the robotics hobbyist.

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