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COPAL 30:1 Gearmotor

The built-on 30:1 gearhead provides a great amount of torque to the wheels while still being quite zippy. We recommend using our Foam Tires with this motor, as they provide good shock absorption for the small gearhead. Pre-wired with about 4" long leads.

Voltage: 6-12V
Only 1.43" long, 5/8" diameter
weight: .88oz
52.49 oz-in torque @ 12V
29.16 oz-in torque @ 6V
770rpm @ 12V
390rpm @ 6V
stall at 1.3a
3mm diameter shaft with 5mm long flat


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Sanyo NA-Series Micro Geared Motors

This is truly the smallest gearmotor we've found, and it is top quality.

High quality all-metal gears with your choice of a very torquey 196.6:1 gear ratio, or a faster, but less torquey, 75.7:1 ratio. 

The entire motor with gears weighs only .3 ounces!  They are rated for 5.0V DC, but we have tested and run them at 9.0V, even up to 12V. Tires can be directly mounted to the 3 mm diameter output shaft. 

With these motors we will see a new evolution of tiny bots. YES, the prop adapter we sell will fit on these motors!

Specifications at 5.0 V:
  75:1 - NA1S
No load speed 246 rpm
No load current 120 mA
200 g-cm load speed 184 rpm
200 g-cm load speed 196 mA
Starting torque 800 gf-cm
True gear ratio 75.7:1
Size 0.47" x 0.39" x 1.14"
Weight 8.2 grams (0.29 oz)
Starting current 650 mA +/- 30%

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B-Series Beetle Gearmotors

These are some awesome motors for your Beetleweight (3 pound) robot, or for a steroid-powered Antweight. Also great for applications that require high-torque lifting or movements of arms, etc.

We haven't seen a motor this good since the old Escap 33:1,

All-metal planetary gearbox with metal gears. Available in 3 different gear ratios, whether you need a super-zippy 16:1, which is all about the speed, up to a monstrous torque 104:1 with a huge 247oz-in of torque!

Check out these numbers:


B16 model
6V 12V
No load speed 285rpm 675rpm
Amps @ nominal 0.3 A 0.4 A
Stall current 1.0 A 2.1 A
Stall torque 27 oz-in 45 oz-in
Gear ratio
2.29 oz
Shaft diameter
4 mm - with flat
Shaft length
11 mm /

75.7:1 Gearhead Motor:

          -5V gearhead motor with 75.7:1             Reduction (All metal gears)
          -Item# GH75MOT


 27:1 ESCAP Motor:      

    -12V gearhead motor with 27:1             Reduction (All metal gears)
          -Item# GH27MOT


US$ 38.95

   81:1 ESCAP Motor: 

        -12V gearhead motor with 81:1             Reduction (All metal gears)
          -Item# GH81MOT


US$ 38.95

     30:1 Gearhead Motor:

          -Powerful gearhead motor with 30:1             Reduction
          -Item# GH30MOT

US$ 27.95

60:1 Gearhead Motor:         

 -Powerful gearhead motor with 60:1             Reduction
          -Item# GH60MOT

US$ 27.95


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