Android World Links to the world's largest android projects.
BioHazard Winner of the Robot Wars Competition.
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre  A museum of Automata.
Cricket the Robot Learn how to make your own robotic cricket.
CyberToys  Collectible robot toys.
Desktop Robotics  and other robotics research.
Entertainment Robots Rent a robot to be the life of the party!
FirstBot  Free plans and info on FirstBot.
K-Team    The Khepera and Koala robots.
Machine Intelligence Lab  at University of Florida
Norland Research  SAM- Small Android Model.
Ozzie's  Robots and space toys.
Robo-Pong 2000  Table Tennis robot.
Robot Gallery Pictures of collectible toy robots.
Robot Sumo   Sponsored by   Cool homebrew robots.
Satoru's  Japanese Robot Sumo veteran.
Sci-Fi  Toy robots, Japanese robots, wind-up robots.
Sojourner Build your own Mars Rover clone.
Space Race Toys   Robots, Rockets, and Ray guns.
Sumo Robots    Links to Japanese Sumo robots.
Team Sinister  Robot Wars Competitor.
The Robot Menu Cool collection of robot pictures!
Walking Robots With no sensors or motors!?



More Links

AK Peters    Publishers of robotics books.
Acroname    Parts and information for easier robotics.
Amaxis  Plans and kits for miniature CNC machine tools.
BattleBots Forum Go here for tips on making your battling robot.
Decade Engineering   Genlocking serial video text display module.
Electronics Workbench
An electronics breadboard and lab on your PC.
Omnibot A place to get replacement parts for your Omnibot.
Rentron Projects using the Basic Stamp, 8051, and Pic Microcontrollers.
Rodney Brooks Home Page at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Robot Builder's Resources Where to get those hard to find robot parts.
Robot Information Central Super robot links page.
Robot News Our collection of articles about robots.  Updated every week!
Robotica   BattleBots competitor and fan club.
Robots Wanted  Sell your old robots here.
ServoLink  Online calculators for chain and sprocket drives.
Shape Master  Custom plastic components for electronics hobbyists.
Society of Robot Combat    Don't mess with these guys!
Terminal One   A robot links page.
Tool Tech   Cool CNC routers for those big projects.
The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.
VersaTech Electronics  BASIC language microcontroller.
Zorin Microcontrollers Control your world.


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